Dastardly Deeds

Dastardly Deeds

Series: Smithwell Fairies Cozy Mysteries, Book 5

When Angie Palmer asks Kate to find out who’s been stealing from her home, Kate accepts the challenge. After all, it’s a simple matter of theft, nothing she can’t handle, and Angie has conveniently assembled the suspects for tea and pastries in her greenhouse. But Kate’s cut-and-dried investigation takes a deadly turn when one of the suspects is murdered during that tea.

To complicate matters, Kate has agreed to help Minette rid her precious woods of the cruel Hacquetia and her fairy minions, and her best friend’s husband is beginning to suspect that something extraordinary is happening in those Maine woods. Can he be trusted with a secret that will turn his world upside down?

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I love this series! I like paranormal elements in novels, but I couldn't quite imagine how the author would pull off a fairy in a mystery series. She did—and in spades! I was immediately hooked.
-- Nancy Haddock
National bestselling author of Basket Case