Dead and Buried

Dead and Buried

Series: Smithwell Fairies Cozy Mysteries, Book 2

When Kate’s friend Emily spots a partially buried body during a tour of a local haunted cemetery, she thinks it’s a prank. Until that body somehow winds up in her back yard. Certain that someone is trying to frame her friend for murder, Kate makes it her mission to discover the truth.

Determined to help clear Emily, Minette the fairy insists on joining the investigation, but in her eagerness to solve the case, she risks revealing her existence to others. In a race against time, and as Minette’s enigmatic answers to Kate’s pressing questions strain their relationship, Kate must crack the case and clear her friend.

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I love this series! I like paranormal elements in novels, but I couldn't quite imagine how the author would pull off a fairy in a mystery series. She did—and in spades! I was immediately hooked.
-- Nancy Haddock
National bestselling author of Basket Case