Counterfeit Corpse

Counterfeit Corpse

Series: Smithwell Fairies Cozy Mysteries, Book 6

Before Mollie Dunbar’s husband vanished into thin air, he left clues to his disappearance in the form of two names scribbled on paper: Detective Rancourt and Michael Brewer, Kate Brewer’s late husband. In a cruel twist, Mollie was asked to view the body of a murder victim the police misidentified as her husband. So when Mollie shows up at Kate’s door begging for help, Kate feels compelled to unravel the puzzle.

Certain that the missing husband and the unknown murder victim are connected, Kate quickly compiles a list of suspects. But matters take a dangerous turn when one of those suspects is found dead—and in possession of Kate’s name and address. In a race against time, Kate and her plucky fairy friend, Minette, must crack the case before the killer claims another victim.

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I love this series! I like paranormal elements in novels, but I couldn't quite imagine how the author would pull off a fairy in a mystery series. She did—and in spades! I was immediately hooked.
-- Nancy Haddock
National bestselling author of Basket Case