Juniper Grove Continues!

It’s been a while since my last Juniper Grove cozy mystery, but finally book 11, Still as Death, is available for preorder on Amazon. I’ve been asked if the Juniper Grove series will continue, and my answer is yes! As long as people want to read about Rachel, Julia, Gilroy, and their friends, I’ll continue to write the series. When I sit down at my desk to write a Juniper Grove book, I feel as if I’m visiting that small town at the base of the Colorado foothills. I love that feeling, and I hope my readers share it, that they feel as though they’re taking a vacation in that friendly (if dangerous!) place whenever the read one of the books. Book description:
Rachel, Julia, and other members of Juniper Grove’s crafts fair committee are enjoying a fun evening at the home of Eve Coleman when the house lights suddenly go out. Two minutes later, finding her way in the dark to the breaker box, Rachel discovers the body of Eve’s husband.
Fortunately for the killer, the Coleman house is just outside Juniper Grove, within the county sheriff’s jurisdiction. Police Chief Gilroy’s investigative hands are tied. When the incompetent sheriff all too willingly jumps to the conclusion that Rachel is the killer, she and Gilroy must join forces to prove her innocence.
With her wedding to Gilroy a mere three weeks away, the last thing Rachel needs on her plate is another murder. But this time it’s dangerously personal. Between planning her wedding, dealing with Julia’s prickly attitude, and dodging the sheriff, Rachel must move heaven and earth to crack the baffling case.