A Cold Day for Murder

When an anonymous host invites Kelsie and her friend Angela to spend a free weekend at an isolated lodge in the mountains, Kelsie’s curiosity is piqued. On arriving at the lodge, she discovers that seven other guests have been invited, and none of them know who their generous host might be—or why that host insists they attend storytelling sessions each night. Before long, tensions mount, and the weekend turns deadly when one of the guests is found dead. With a snowstorm bearing down on the lodge and blocking contact with the outside world, Kelsie and Angela must uncover the killer before it’s too late.

Murder by Eggnog

It’s days before Christmas and all of Fairwood is celebrating in the Christmas spirit, except for members of the Mapleton Crime Club, a group of senior-citizen mystery lovers who reside at the Mapleton, an independent living home. When Kelsie and her friend Angela are invited to join the club’s Christmas party, they readily accept, but at the party, they’re immediately struck by the friction between club members. So when one of those members dies in a bizarre fashion and the police determine there’s been no foul play, Kelsie is determined to get at the truth. With evidence in short supply, Kelsie again must draw on her knowledge of murder mysteries to solve the strange case.

Outline for Murder

A relative newcomer to the quaint town of Fairwood, Colorado, newly widowed Kelsie Butler is thrilled when she’s asked to write the script for a murder mystery game hosted at the local coffee house. But when one of the contestants is murdered, and that murder bears a striking resemblance to the murder in Kelsie’s game, the police chief turns his sights on Kelsie and her friend Gwen, the owner of the coffee house. With Stella the Aussie mix as her companion, Kelsie draws on her knowledge of murder mysteries—and her circle of mystery-loving friends—to crack the baffling case.

Summertime with Geraldine Woolkins

It’s summertime in the Oak Forest. School is out and long play days are in. But summer, like every other season, has its challenges and disappointments for Geraldine Woolkins, a young mouse. She struggles with feeling different from other creatures in the Oak Forest, and with overcoming her fears—especially when she can’t understand why she’s afraid. But in the midst of her challenges, Geraldine discovers that books, family, and friends, as well as Very Very Big Hands, will carry her through. Ten stories follow the Woolkins mouse family—Papa, Mama, Geraldine, and Button—from July, with its hot and dry days, to September, with its first whispers of autumn.

Bitter Roots

Anna Denning and her fiancé are determined to spend a restful weekend at a mountain hotel. Sleeping late, reading books by a roaring fire. All they have to do is ignore the raging snowstorm outside and the hotel’s strange guests and surly staff inside. But when one of those guests, a newspaper reporter, tells Anna the police are investigating two of the other guests—and that she’s been sent to spy on them—Anna’s hopes for a quiet getaway begin to fade. They’re dashed altogether when one of the guests is murdered and Anna realizes she’s sharing her weekend with a cold-hearted killer. In order to survive, Anna must uncover the truth about her fellow guests. Who are these people? And what has brought them together, to an isolated hotel in the middle of a Colorado snowstorm?