Counterfeit Corpse

Before Mollie Dunbar’s husband vanished into thin air, he left clues to his disappearance in the form of two names scribbled on paper: Detective Rancourt and Michael Brewer, Kate Brewer’s late husband. In a cruel twist, Mollie was asked to view the body of a murder victim the police misidentified as her husband. So when Mollie shows up at Kate’s door begging for help, Kate feels compelled to unravel the puzzle. Certain that the missing husband and the unknown murder victim are connected, Kate quickly compiles a list of suspects. But matters take a dangerous turn when one of those suspects is found dead—and in possession of Kate’s name and address. In a race against time, Kate and her plucky fairy friend, Minette, must crack the case before the killer claims another victim.

Chasing Angels

Meet Teagan Doyle. Divorced, childless, a police academy washout. She’s failed at every endeavor, given up on every dream. But retired minister John “Berg” Bergland sees a fighter in her. Plagued by strange noises, cold drafts, and moving objects in their new home—an old church in Wells, Colorado—Matt and Carissa Peterson are convinced the place is haunted. First they hire a psychic. Then a medium. Nothing helps. But when they find a body buried in the wall of the church basement, they call Teagan and Berg, colleagues in a most unusual profession: demon stalking. As Teagan and Berg work to free the church of its dark presence—and solve two murders connected to the church—they uncover a plot more sinister and far-reaching than they could have imagined. To survive, they must face their fears and muster every weapon of spiritual warfare Read more…

Grim Death

Available October 18 – preorder now! Rachel is enjoying herself at a New Year’s Day brunch when Mary Blackwell, the host, hands her a cryptic note instructing her to check her coat pocket and remain silent about what she finds there. Later, on discovering four disturbing items in her pocket and no explanation as to why Mary put them there, Rachel is determined to unravel the mystery. But that puzzle is quickly put on the back burner when Laura Patchett, another guest, is found murdered in her home shortly after storming from the Blackwells’ brunch. Concluding that the four items and Laura’s murder are connected, Rachel sets out to uncover the truth. When yet another brunch guest is murdered, she joins forces with her now-husband, Police Chief James Gilroy, to crack the case. Can they hunt down the killer before Read more…

Book of Tales: Volume One

When the Woolkins mouse family gathers by the fireplace at night, they read from the family’s most treasured book, the Book of Tales. Passed down from generation to generation in the Woolkins family, the book contains stories of danger, faith, and perseverance. Set forests, fields, ponds, and backyard butterfly gardens, Volume One contains fifteen illustrated tales in all. From a fox who must choose between his friends and his baby sister to a hedgehog facing monumental change and goldfish torn from the safety of their pet store aquarium.

Springtime with Geraldine Woolkins

Geraldine Woolkins has at last become a middle mouse, but navigating the waters of middle-mouse life isn’t easy. Her younger brother irritates her, her sparrow friend Penelope neglects her, and an elder mouse friend is becoming forgetful, making the entire Woolkins family anxious. Everything is changing. And when Geraldine discovers that the best treasures of spring—fragrant spring flowers, a pond created by spring rainstorms—will one day disappear, she is heartbroken. Does nothing last forever? Does everything good change or fade? Ten more stories follow the Woolkins mouse family—Papa, Mama, Geraldine, and Button—from April, a time of blossoming, to June, the month of long days.

Still as Death

Rachel, Julia, and other members of Juniper Grove’s crafts fair committee are enjoying a fun evening at the home of Eve Coleman when the house lights suddenly go out. Two minutes later, finding her way in the dark to the breaker box, Rachel discovers the body of Eve’s husband. Fortunately for the killer, the Coleman house is just outside Juniper Grove, within the county sheriff’s jurisdiction. Police Chief Gilroy’s investigative hands are tied. When the incompetent sheriff all too willingly jumps to the conclusion that Rachel is the killer, she and Gilroy must join forces to prove her innocence. With her wedding to Gilroy a mere three weeks away, the last thing Rachel needs on her plate is another murder. But this time it’s dangerously personal. Between planning her wedding, dealing with Julia’s prickly attitude, and dodging the sheriff, Rachel Read more…