Book of Tales: Volume One

When the Woolkins mouse family gathers by the fireplace at night, they read from the family’s most treasured book, the Book of Tales. Passed down from generation to generation in the Woolkins family, the book contains stories of danger, faith, and perseverance. Set forests, fields, ponds, and backyard butterfly gardens, Volume One contains fifteen illustrated tales in all. From a fox who must choose between his friends and his baby sister to a hedgehog facing monumental change and goldfish torn from the safety of their pet store aquarium.

Springtime with Geraldine Woolkins

Geraldine Woolkins has at last become a middle mouse, but navigating the waters of middle-mouse life isn’t easy. Her younger brother irritates her, her sparrow friend Penelope neglects her, and an elder mouse friend is becoming forgetful, making the entire Woolkins family anxious. Everything is changing. And when Geraldine discovers that the best treasures of spring—fragrant spring flowers, a pond created by spring rainstorms—will one day disappear, she is heartbroken. Does nothing last forever? Does everything good change or fade? Ten more stories follow the Woolkins mouse family—Papa, Mama, Geraldine, and Button—from April, a time of blossoming, to June, the month of long days.

Still as Death

Rachel, Julia, and other members of Juniper Grove’s crafts fair committee are enjoying a fun evening at the home of Eve Coleman when the house lights suddenly go out. Two minutes later, finding her way in the dark to the breaker box, Rachel discovers the body of Eve’s husband. Fortunately for the killer, the Coleman house is just outside Juniper Grove, within the county sheriff’s jurisdiction. Police Chief Gilroy’s investigative hands are tied. When the incompetent sheriff all too willingly jumps to the conclusion that Rachel is the killer, she and Gilroy must join forces to prove her innocence. With her wedding to Gilroy a mere three weeks away, the last thing Rachel needs on her plate is another murder. But this time it’s dangerously personal. Between planning her wedding, dealing with Julia’s prickly attitude, and dodging the sheriff, Rachel Read more…

Dastardly Deeds

When Angie Palmer asks Kate to find out who’s been stealing from her home, Kate accepts the challenge. After all, it’s a simple matter of theft, nothing she can’t handle, and Angie has conveniently assembled the suspects for tea and pastries in her greenhouse. But Kate’s cut-and-dried investigation takes a deadly turn when one of the suspects is murdered during that tea. To complicate matters, Kate has agreed to help Minette rid her precious woods of the cruel Hacquetia and her fairy minions, and her best friend’s husband is beginning to suspect that something extraordinary is happening in those Maine woods. Can he be trusted with a secret that will turn his world upside down?

More Adventures of Geraldine Woolkins

As a new mouse, Geraldine still struggles to be brave and good. And at night, when the Woolkins family gathers to listen to Papa read stories from the Book of Tales, she still tries to understand Very Very Big Hands, the creator of all—including the dreaded wolves of the Barren Land. But will she ever stop longing to fly like a bird or to stride above the grasses like a fox? Will she learn to be thankful for the ground thing she was made to be? Ten more stories follow the Woolkins mouse family—Papa, Mama, Geraldine, and Button—from January, a time of scarcity, to March, with its first whispers of spring.

The Adventures of Geraldine Woolkins

Young Geraldine longs to have adventures as thrilling as those in the Book of Tales, the book her papa reads to her and her brother Button at night. More than that, she wants to be brave—a seemingly impossible task in a world where ravens throw black shadows over the earth and wolves prowl barren lands in search of their prey. But Geraldine is a mouse. The weakest of ground things. Why was she, who wants so much to be brave, created by God to be small and quivering? The book’s ten stories follow the Woolkins family—Papa, Mama, Geraldine, and Button—from October to December, as they face their rather human trials and tribulations and Geraldine struggles to understand Very Very Big Hands, the creator of all, including ravens and wolves.