The Witch Tree

The Witch Tree

Series: Anna Denning Mysteries, Book 1

Genealogist Anna Denning is horrified when she discovers the body of her newest client, Susan Muncy. Her shock quickly turns to panic when Tom Muncy, Susan’s husband, returns home and finds Anna standing over his dead wife.

Anna insists she was hired to research Susan’s family tree by the Muncys’ daughter, a girl who works at a wiccan-themed store in downtown Elk Park, Colorado. But Muncy vehemently denies having a daughter. Further, he accuses Anna of conspiring to destroy his political ambitions—a bizarre accusation under the circumstances. He warns her that if she and the store’s owner don’t back off, he’ll ruin them both.

Anna’s hopes for a quiet Christmas are shattered when Muncy begins a campaign of intimidation against her and even joins forces with the store’s owner—the very person he accused Anna of conspiring with. To clear her name and uncover the truth behind Susan’s murder, Anna must act quickly. Who pulled her into this nightmare and why?

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