The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice

Series: Anna Denning Mysteries, Book 3

When the groundskeeper of the Morgan-Sadler House finds a figure propped against a beehive, a pumpkin in place of its head, he assumes it’s a Halloween prank. But the cruel display conceals the body of Russell Thurman, a founding member of the Elk Valley Historical Society.

Anna Denning soon discovers that Thurman was secretly researching the family trees of two other society members and intended to hire her to complete his work. So when a friend of the victim pleads with Anna to finish what Thurman started, Anna reluctantly agrees. Her decision leads her into a disturbing world of lies, concealed identities, and the occult.

With stubborn resolve, and facing major changes in her personal life, Anna uses all the tools in her genealogy toolbox to get to the bottom of things. Why was Thurman engaged in his secret research? Was he killed for what he found out?

When the killer strikes again, Anna knows she’s in a race against the clock. Can she uncover the truth before it’s too late?

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