The Club

The Club

Series: Anna Denning Mysteries, Book 4

Summoned by her father to Elk Park, Melinda Maxwell hopes to finally learn why he cut off all contact with his family and became the monster she believes him to be. But four days into her stay at his house, he remains silent about his history. And when Melinda questions him about his membership in the January Club, her father reacts with fury.

Desperate to bring his hidden past to light, Melinda hires Anna Denning to locate her long-lost grandparents in hopes they can help. Already immersed in trying to locate the family of a murdered man for the police, Anna accepts the new challenge.

When Anna uncovers clues that suggest Melinda’s father and the murdered man are connected, she agrees to accompany Melinda to the January Club’s annual meeting. At first inclined to dismiss the club’s members as eccentric kooks, Anna changes her mind when one of them is killed during the meeting while staring up at a portrait of the club’s founder, the mysterious January Man.

Anna’s horror grows when Melinda catches sight of the portrait and insists she knows the man. It seems he visited her the night before—in her nightmare.

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