Sparrow House

Sparrow House

Series: Anna Denning Mysteries, Book 2

When the owner of a mansion in the Colorado mountains hires Anna Denning to research his family tree, it’s Anna’s dream come true. A library brimming with old documents, an undiscovered family history—what more could a genealogist want?

Excited by the possibilities and fueled by a new love in her life, Anna is undeterred by rumors that a ghost haunts the mansion. And she’s intrigued when the mansion’s owner presents her with an additional request: He wants her to prove his home is haunted.

Events take a deadly turn when a gardener is found dead on the mansion’s grounds. At first his death appears to be a drug overdose, but the mansion’s housekeeper swears the man didn’t take drugs. And as Anna begins to uncover records that suggest the ghost rumors are more than idle talk, strange things start to happen. Unexplained sounds in the night, moving paintings, missing objects. The mansion itself seems to be coming alive.

Sensing that sinister forces are at work—forces that threaten everyone in the mansion—Anna must solve the mystery of Sparrow House before it’s too late.

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