More Adventures of Geraldine Woolkins

More Adventures of Geraldine Woolkins

Series: Geraldine Woolkins series, Book 2

As a new mouse, Geraldine still struggles to be brave and good. And at night, when the Woolkins family gathers to listen to Papa read stories from the Book of Tales, she still tries to understand Very Very Big Hands, the creator of all—including the dreaded wolves of the Barren Land.

But will she ever stop longing to fly like a bird or to stride above the grasses like a fox? Will she learn to be thankful for the ground thing she was made to be? Ten more stories follow the Woolkins mouse family—Papa, Mama, Geraldine, and Button—from January, a time of scarcity, to March, with its first whispers of spring.

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It's the type of book the reader soon considers to be a classic; it's that good.
-- Lisa's Kids' Book Reviews