Death Knell

Death Knell

Series: Juniper Grove series, Book 8

A gathering of friends at a Juniper Grove cottage ends in tragedy when a woman plunges to her death from a bedroom window. Minutes later, bells at a nearby church begin to toll, waking the town’s residents. Rachel’s fears that the two events are linked are confirmed when Chief Gilroy declares the woman’s death a homicide and the pastor of the church says his computer-operated bell system was hacked.

The suspects are clear—every woman staying at the cottage—but the motive is a mystery. Who would want to kill a harmless substitute teacher and church worker? When the owner of the cottage begs Rachel to investigate, Rachel soon discovers that the victim was not what she seemed to be. With hard evidence in short supply, Rachel must dig into the victim’s and suspects’ personal lives to solve her most baffling case yet. Can she uncover the truth before the bells toll again?

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Chock-full of delightful shops and memorable characters, Juniper Grove is the kind of town mystery readers will want to hang out in. And Rachel Stowe is the kind of amateur sleuth we can all relate to.
-- Heather Day Gilbert
Award-winning author of the Barks & Beans Cafe Cozy Mystery Series