Bitter Roots

Bitter Roots

Series: Anna Denning Mysteries, Book 5

Anna Denning and her fiancé are determined to spend a restful weekend at a mountain hotel. Sleeping late, reading books by a roaring fire. All they have to do is ignore the raging snowstorm outside and the hotel’s strange guests and surly staff inside.

But when one of those guests, a newspaper reporter, tells Anna the police are investigating two of the other guests—and that she’s been sent to spy on them—Anna’s hopes for a quiet getaway begin to fade. They’re dashed altogether when one of the guests is murdered and Anna realizes she’s sharing her weekend with a cold-hearted killer.

In order to survive, Anna must uncover the truth about her fellow guests. Who are these people? And what has brought them together, to an isolated hotel in the middle of a Colorado snowstorm?

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