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Two Podcasts No Indie Writer Should Miss

The Self Publishing Podcast (SPP)

Hosted by authors Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt, and David Wright, this podcast is currently on its sixty-ninth episode. Most often a discussion of writing and the self-publishing business among the three hosts, SPP sometimes features guests—and great ones at that: C.J. Lyons, Joanna Penn, Edward W. Robertson, and Kobo’s Mark Lefebvre, among others.

The podcast’s salty language might make you cringe now and then, but if you can get past that, this show is not only helpful but downright inspirational. And funny. I mean spew-your-drink funny. I don’t know how three guys who didn’t know one another prior to 2011 (2008 for Sean and Dave) manage such chemistry, but they do, and I look forward to watching their podcasts on YouTube like I look forward to watching my favorite shows on TV.

Johnny, Sean, and Dave also do the Better Off Undead (BOU) podcast. It’s less informational than SPP—intentionally so—but every bit as much fun. (The “What’s Up Dave’s Butt” segments are brilliant. If Dave doesn’t assemble his assorted rants in ebook form, he’s missing a golden opportunity.)

You can watch SPP live, listen to episodes on the SPP website, subscribe to it through iTunes, or watch it on YouTube. Check out Sean and Dave’s coauthored books at Collective Inkwell, and find out about Johnny and Sean’s coauthored works at Realm and Sands. You can also follow them on Twitter: @JohnnyBTruant, @SeanPlatt, and @TheDavidWWright (Dave tweets when SPP and BOU are about to go live).

The Creative Penn (TCP)

Author and speaker Joanna Penn, who writes thrillers under the name J.F. Penn, began podcasting on writing, digital publishing, and book marketing as a way to gather information as she traveled her own journey to self-publication, and in the process, she has given the indie world one of the most valuable resources on the Internet.

In her podcasts, which generally run from 35 to 50 minutes, she interviews some of the most knowledgeable authors and book marketers around. Past guests have included C.J. Lyons, Jane Friedman, James Scott Bell, L.J. Sellers, Jeff Goins, and Jim Kukral of the Author Marketing Club.

When I first discovered TCP a little over a year ago, I was so hooked on its combination of practical information and optimism that I went back and listened to, or watched on YouTube, almost all the show’s previous episodes—about ninety podcasts in all. It’s that good.

If you’re a fan of thrillers, you should also give Joanna’s new video podcast, Killer Thriller TV, a watch. In each episode, Joanna interviews a bestselling thriller author. J.D. Rhoades, Timothy Hallinan, and Katia Lief have been among her guests.

You can subscribe to TCP through iTunes and watch some episodes on YouTube on The Creative Penn channel. Check out Joanna’s thrillers at her fiction website. For her speaking schedule and information for indie authors, go to The Creative Penn. You can also follow her on Twitter: @thecreativepenn.

Is there a writing podcast you never miss? I’d love to hear about it. Spread the word.